Frequently Asked Questions

Exactly how does Coburg Gutter Grid work?
Gutter Grid's highly refined mesh cover fits perfectly over the gutter allowing water to drain through, but catching leaves twigs and other objects. It's a simple concept, but also a very effective one, saving time money and mess.

Will I need to buy new gutters?
No. Coburg have spent years developing their Gutter Grid product in order to make it as versatile and cost effective as possible.

How do I know it will fit?
The grid comes in 2 standard widths: 117mm and 140mm. However, many other widths are available on special request.

Can I fit it myself?
Any competent D.I.Y. enthusiast will find it a breeze to fit. Although we do strongly advise anyone who is unsure about any D.I.Y. task to consult a builder or handyman before proceeding.

What are the benefits of fitting Gutter Grid?
As well as damaging drains and guttering itself, blocked gutters are a likely cause of damp found high on walls or ceilings.

What are the mesh and clips made of? 
The clips are made of UV stabilised Polypropylene and the mesh is High Density Polyethylene.


Gutter Grid Kits

Our kits contain everything you need:

  • Custom grid widths available
  • Easy to fit clips
  • Full fitting instructions provided
  • 10M or 50M lengths

Once fitted you can enjoy:

  • Peace of mind
  • No maintenance
  • An unobtrusive solution
  • Protection from costly damage to your property

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